August 27, 2009


Attached is the September/October schedule for IN A MELLOW TONE. There are nine programs in this period, covering quite a lot of jazz history.
In fact, over the nine programs you'll have the opportunity to hear Lovie Austin, Sean Bergin, Jimmy Blythe, Anthony Braxton, Petr Cancura, Dave Douglas,
Dizzy Gillespie, Johnny Griffin, Jeff Healey, Hiromi, Duke Jordan, Steve Lacy, Marilyn Lerner, Warne Marsh, Jean Martin, Joe McPhee, Red Mitchell, Louis Moholo, Joe Morris, Jimmy O'Bryant, Brother John Sellers, Michael Jefry Stevens, Ralph Sutton, Clark Terry, Mike & Kate Westbrook and Clarence Williams.
As I said, quite a lot of jazz history.

As usual, the first program of each month endeavours to bring you up to date on recent jazz and blues releases [though you will notice that only the small jazz-oriented labels place any value on radio-play by community and campus radio stations].

Only one jazz artist gets a show all to herself; the young Japanese pianist Hiromi, whose work will be featured on September 9 by guest host Jean Thibault [merci, Jean]. Three record labels are featured; Mode on September 16, Storyville's European recordings of American jazz artists on October 21, and the fabled 'twenties label Paramount on October 28. Two programs feature instruments more than performers, the September 23 Piano Special, and Brass Shout on October 14. And on September I've grouped together a number of recent leading edge CD issues.

The October 28 and November 4 programs fall during CKCU's annual Funding Drive, which runs this year from October 23 to November 8.Please be prepared to dial 613-520-3920 to keep jazz, blues and community programming on the airwaves. Thank you.

I hope that you'll enjoy all these programs.

September 2 Listen Before You Buy: Ron reviews recent jazz and blues releases by
Bobby Broom, Petr Cancura, Mon David, Sarah DeLeo, Elli Fordyce, Zac Harmon, Homemade Jamz, Hailey Niswanger, Andrew Scott, Brother John Sellers,
Watermelon Slim, the Twisters and Mike & Kate Westbrook.

September 9 Hiromi: Guest host Jean Thibault has chosen cuts from five CDs by Japanese pianist Hiromi: Brain (2004), Spiral (2005), Time Control (2007),
Beyond Standard (2008) and Duet with Chick Corea (2008).

September 16 The Mode Label: This mainly classical label has put out four exquisite jazz recordings, by Anthony Braxton, Roland Dahinden, John Heward,
Steve Lacy, Joe McPhee and the Respect Sextet. We’ll sample all four.

September 23 Piano Special: More than a handful of piano-led groups, including John Alberts, As If Trio, John Beasley, Bill Cunliffe, Mike Garson, Gene Harris, Lawrence Hobgood, Dick Hyman, Marilyn Lerner, Ben Neuman, Michael Jefry Stevens & Jessica Williams.

September 30 Leading Edge: Recordings of musicians who are working at the leading edge of contemporary jazz and improvised music, such as Sean Bergin, Blah Blah 666,
Anthony Braxton, I Compani, Bruce Freedman, Normand Guilbeault, Jean Martin,
Joe Morris, Saint Dirt School, Cory Weeds and Raoul van der Weide.

October 7 Listen Before You Buy: The cream of the crop of recent jazz and blues releases. Including The Aggregation, Eddie Campbell, Diverse, Jeff Healey, Dennis Jones, AJ Kluth, Knoxville Jazz Orchestra, Nicole Mitchell, Louis Moholo,
Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo and Ricky Sweum.

October 14 Brass Shout: The thrilling sounds of brass instruments, as demonstrated by the Canadian Brass, Etienne Charles, Dave Douglas, Dizzy Gillespie, Andy Martin, Rod McGaha, Chris Pasin, Claudio Roditi and Clark Terry.

October 21 Made In Europe: American jazz artists recorded in Europe;
tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin, pianist Duke Jordan, tenor saxophonist
Warne Marsh, bassist Red Mitchell and pianist Ralph Sutton.

October 28 Paramount: Jazz rarities from this ‘Twenties label. Will include such legendary artists as Lovie Austin, Jimmy Blythe, Richard M. Jones, Midway Garden Orchestra, D.C.Nelson, Jimmie O’Bryant, Charles Pierce, Charlie Straight and Clarence Williams.

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