January 08, 2010


LISTEN BEFORE YOU BUY: We’ll sample nineteen recent jazz and blues releases,
with an emphasis on saxes, pianos and blues. The saxophonist leaders are
Chelsea Baratz, Sharel Cassity, Jon Gordon, Chris Green, Jimmy Heath and
Chris Potter. The pianist leaders are John Beasley, Mike Longo, Rossano Sportiello and James Weidman. The blues come from Keith Bennett, Victor Wainright and
Joe Louis Walker.
We’ll squeeze in a plug for the January 30 concert by John Geggie, Donny McCaslin, Nancy Walker and Nick Fraser at the NAC Fourth Stage.

Artist: The Pulse
Album: The Pulse
Tune: Irritation
Label: Storyville

Artist: The American Music Project
Album: On the Bright Side
Tune: Lonnie’s Lament
Label: Inarhyme

Artist: Q’d Up
Album: Quintessence
Tune: Dark City Streets
Label: Jazz Hang

Artist: Komeda Project
Album: Requiem
Tune: Dirge for Europe
Label: WM

Artist: James Weidman
Album: Three Worlds
Tune: Mirrored Images
Label: Inner Circle Music

Artist: Geggie Trio & Donny McCaslin
Album: Across the Sky
Tune: Son of a Shoe
Label: Plunge

Artist: Crepuscule Trio
Album: Unveil
Tune: Freak Seen
Label: Circumvention

Artist: Sharel Cassity
Album: Relentless
Tune: Call to Order
Label: Jazz Legacy

Artist: Jon Gordon
Album: Evolution
Tune: One For Liam
Label: ArtistShare

Artist: Victor Wainwright & Wild Roots
Album: Beale Street to the Bayou
Tune: Blues Grass
Label: Wild Roots

Artist: Victor Wainwright & Wild Roots
Album: Beale Street to the Bayou
Tune: Sold Down River
Label: Wild Roots

Artist: Keith Bennett Band
Album: Jumpin’ at the Yale
Tune: Big Boss Man
Label: Paradox

Artist: Joe Louis Walker
Album: Between a Rock & the Blues
Tune: Eyes Like A Cat
Label: Stony Plain

Artist: Rossano Sportiello
Album: It Amazes Me
Tune: It’s the Talk of the Town
Label: Sackville

Artist: Rossano Sportiello
Album: It Amazes Me
Tune: Chinatown My Chinatown
Label: Sackville

Artist: John Beasley
Album: Positootly!
Tune: The Eight Winds
Label: Resonance

Artist: Mike Longo
Album: Sting Like A Bee
Tune: Daahoud
Label: CAP

Artist: Chris Potter
Album: Coming Together
Tune: Killing Me Softly With A Song
Label: Inarhyme

Artist: Chris Green Quartet
Album: Merge
Tune: Lotus Blossom
Label: Single Malt

Artist: Chelsea Baratz
Album: In Faith
Tune: In Faith
Label: CB

Artist: Heath Brothers
Album: Endurance
Tune: Two Tees
Label: Jazz Legacy


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