November 28, 2010


SEASONAL SUGGESTIONS: Fifteen recent releases, many featuring saxophones, which you might consider as seasonal gifts for your friends [or yourself].

We’ll also play you a cut by Drumheller, who are appearing at the Avant-Garde on December 11, and a cut by the Bernard Stepien Orchestra, whose “A Very Ayler Christmas” CD release concert takes place at the Mercury Lounge on December 14.

Artist: Hadley Caliman & Pete Christlieb
Album: Reunion
Tune: Little Dex
Label: Origin

Artist: Christina Dahl Trio
Album: Now Is Now
Tune: Lovely Angel
Label: Storyville

Artist: Ab Baars
Album: Time to do my Lions
Tune: The Rhythm is in the Sound
Label: Wig

Artist: Eli Degibri
Album: Israeli Song
Tune: Jealous Eyes
Label: Anzic

Artist: John Goldman’s Quadrangle
Album: Outside the Box
Tune: Monk’s Mood
Label: jgjazz

Artist: Drumheller
Album: Glint
Tune: Please Dance
Label: Rat-Drifting

Artist: Bernard Stepien Orchestra
Album: A Very Ayler Christmas
Tune: Deck the Halls
Label: Stepien

Artist: Bruce Williamson Quartet
Album: Standard Transmission
Tune: Sweet and Lovely
Label: Origin

Artist: Benjamin Herman
Album: Hypochristmastreefuzz
Tune: Blues After Piet
Label: Roach

Artist: Richard Underhill
Album: Free Spirit
Tune: Hustle Up
Label: Stubby

Artist: Dan Adler
Album: Back to the Bridge
Tune: Silver & Gold
Label: Emdan

Artist: Tom Rizzo
Album: Imaginary Numbers
Tune: Oleo
Label: Origin

Artist: Soft Machine Legacy
Album: Live Adventures
Tune: Gesolrout
Label: Moonjune

Artist: Peripheral Vision
Album: Peripheral Vision
Tune: Says You
Label: Step3

Artist: Mario Romano Quartet
Album: Valentina
Tune: Via Romano
Label: Alma

Artist: UOU
Album: Home
Tune: Cat’s Play
Label: Tippin’

Artist: Paul Tynan & Aaron Lington
Album: Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Two
Tune: Wishful Thinking
Label: 0A2


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