October 18, 2012


UNITED NATIONS DAY:  To celebrate United Nations Day, we offer you
jazz recordings by musicians from around the world: Argentina, Australia, Austria,
Belgium, Canada, Cuba, Denmark, England, Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy,
Jamaica, Japan, Manchuria, New Zealand, Palestine, Philippines, Russia,
South Africa, Switzerland and USA.
This is also our first Funding Drive program, so please phone in your pledge
tonight at 613-520-3920 – we’re counting on you!

Country:        Argentina
Artist:          Oscar Aleman
Instrument:  Guitar
Album:         Oscar Aleman
Tune:           Dear Old Southland
Label:           Fremeaux

Country:        Australia
Artist:          Graeme Bell
Instrument:  Piano
Album:         Best of the EMI Years
Tune:           Big Walkabout
Label:           EMI

Country:        Austria
Artist:          Joe Zawinul
Instrument:  Piano
Album:         Rise & Fall of the Third Stream
Tune:           Lord Lord Lord
Label:           Collectibles

Country:        Belgium
Artist:          Django Reinhardt
Instrument:  Guitar
Album:         Nuages
Tune:           I’ll See You In My Dreams
Label:           Membran     

Country:        Canada
Artist:          Oscar Peterson
Instrument:  Piano
Album:         Exclusively For My Friends
Tune:           Lulu’s Back In Town
Label:           MA

Country:        Cuba
Artist:          Chucho Valdes
Instrument:  Piano
Album:         Solo Piano
Tune:           Blue Yes
Label:           Blue Note

Country:        Denmark
Artist:          Svend Asmussen
Instrument:  Violin
Album:         Still Fiddling
Tune:           Hallelujah
Label:           Storyville

Country:        England
Artist:          Mike Westbrook
Instrument:  Piano
Album:         Glad Day
Tune:           Glad Day
Label:           Enja

Country:        Germany
Artist:          Peter Brotzmann
Instrument:  Tarogato, Clarinet, Tenor Sax
Album:         Little Birds Have Fast Hearts No2
Tune:           Part 6
Label:           FMP

Country:        Holland
Artist:          Ab Baars
Instrument:  Tenor Sax
Album:         Windfall
Tune:           Wood-Wind
Label:           Evil Rabbit

Country:        Israel
Artist:          Benny Sharoni
Instrument:  Tenor Sax
Album:         Eternal Elexir
Tune:           Bernstein
Label:           Papaya

Country:        Italy
Artist:          Carlo Actis Dato
Instrument:  Baritone Sax, Bass Clarinet
Album:         Eqqueqqua
Tune:           Mandrill
Label:           Leo

Country:        Jamaica
Artist:          Joe Harriott
Instrument:  Alto Sax
Album:         Killer Joe
Tune:           Just Goofin’
Label:           Giant Steps

Country:        Japan
Artist:          Satoko Fujii
Instrument:  Piano
Album:         Desert Ship
Tune:           Capillaries
Label:           Nottwo

Country:        Manchuria
Artist:          Toshiko Akiyoshi
Instrument:  Piano
Album:         Remembering Bud
Tune:           Budo
Label:           Evidence

Country:        New Zealand
Artist:          Michael Nock
Instrument:  Piano
Album:         The Waiting Game
Tune:           Break Time
Label:           Naxos

Country:        Palestine
Artist:          Gilad Atzmon
Instrument:  Soprano Sax, Alto Sax
Album:         Exile
Tune:           La Cote Mediterranee
Label:           Enja

Country:        Philippines
Artist:          Fred Elizalde
Instrument:  Piano
Album:         Fred Elizalde & His Anglo American Band
Tune:           Arkansas Blues
Label:           Retrieval
Country:        Russia
Artist:          Art Hodes
Instrument:  Piano
Album:         Up In Volly’s Room
Tune:           Struttin’ With Some Barbecue
Label:           Delmark

Country:        South Africa
Artist:          Dudu Pukwana
Instrument:  Alto Sax
Album:         In The Townships
Tune:           Sonia
Label:           Caroline

Country:        Switzerland
Artist:          George Gruntz
Instrument:  Piano
Album:         Why Not?
Tune:           Pourquoi Pas
Label:           TCB

Country:        USA
Artist:          Duke Ellington
Instrument:  Piano
Album:         Live at the Blue Note
Tune:           El Gato
Label:           Roulette