February 10, 2007


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Combining Black History Month with St. Valentine’s Day, we bring you twenty-two black divas from the ‘twenties.

Artist: Mamie Smith
Album: The Best of Mamie Smith
Tune: Crazy Blues
Label: Columbia

Artist: Josephine Baker
Album: J’ai Deux Amours
Tune: You’re Driving Me Crazy
Label: Golden Stars

Artist: Esther Bigeou
Album: Esther Bigeou
Tune: West Indies Blues
Label: Document

Artist: Lucille Bogan
Album: The Best of Lucille Bogan
Tune: Barbecue Bess
Label: Columbia

Artist: Ida Cox
Album: Ida Cox Volume 1
Tune: Graveyard Dream Blues
Label: Document

Artist: Arizona Dranes
Album: Preachin’ the Gospel
Tune: God’s Got A Crown
Label: Columbia

Artist: Lillian Glinn
Album: Lillian Glinn
Tune: I’m A Frontdoor Woman With A Backdoor Man
Label: Document

Artist: Adelaide Hall
Album: Crooning Blackbird
Tune: Creole Love Call
Label: Jazz Archives

Artist: Juluka
Album: Cologne Zulu Festival
Tune: Umanqoba
Label: World Network

Artist: Nancy Walker
Album: When She Dreams
Tune: Blues for the Hatchet Man
Label: Justin Time

Artist: Lucille Hegamin
Album: Lucille Hegamin Volume 1
Tune: The Jazz Me Blues
Label: Document

Artist: Katherine Henderson
Album: Clarence Williams & the Blues Singers
Tune: Lonesome Lovesick Blues
Label: Document

Artist: Jessie May Hill
Album: Preachin’ the Gospel
Tune: Sunshine in the Shadows
Label: Columbia

Artist: Alberta Hunter
Album: Female Blues 1922-1927
Tune: If You Can’t Hold the Man You Love
Label: RST

Artist: Lizzie Miles
Album: Lizzie Miles Volume 3
Tune: I Hate A Man Like You
Label: Document

Artist: Ma Rainey
Album: Ma Rainey
Tune: Barrel House Blues
Label: Black Swan

Artist: Bessie Smith
Album: The Complete Recordings Volume 1
Tune: Down Hearted Blues
Label: Columbia

Artist: Trixie Smith
Album: Trixie Smith Volume 1
Tune: Choo Choo Blues
Label: Document

Artist: Victoria Spivey
Album: Woman Blues!
Tune: That Man
Label: Prestige

Artist: Mary Stafford
Album: Female Blues Singers Volume 13
Tune: I’m Gonna Jazz My Way Right Straight Thru Paradise
Label: Document

Artist: Eva Taylor
Album: Eva Taylor Volume 3
Tune: West End Blues
Label: Document

Artist: Hociel Thomas
Album: Hociel Thomas
Tune: Adam and Eve Had the Blues
Label: Document

Artist: Sippie Wallace
Album: Sippie Wallace Volume 1
Tune: Devil Dance Blues
Label: Document

Artist: Ethel Waters
Album: Ethel Waters
Tune: Sympathetic Dan
Label: Laserlight


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