June 06, 2007



June 6 Listen Before You Buy: Ron reviews recent jazz and blues releases including Daniel Barnes, Jeri Brown, Anat Cohen, Towner Galaher, George Gee, the Komeda Project, Scott Poll, Watermelon Slim, Jane Stuart and Julian Yeo.

June 13 Fontella Bass: A tribute to this great singer who has triumphed in three worlds of music - soul, gospel and jazz. Her accompanists have included Hamiet Bluiett, Arthur Blythe, Lester Bowie, Malachi Favors, Joseph Jarman, Oliver Lake, Roscoe Mitchell, Famadou Don Moye, David Murray, Amina Claudine Myers and the Voices of St. Louis.

June 20 Strings & Things: Various stringed instruments bowed, picked, plucked and strummed by Marie-Soleil Belanger, Kevin Breit, Bobby Broom, Cordame, Diane Denlin, Bruce Eisenbeil, Harry Manx, Nick Moran and Duke Robillard.

June 27 Ottawa Blues Festival: Steven Neale guides us through the programming at the Ottawa Blues Festival, which this year runs from July 6 to 15.The schedule includes Bob Dylan, George Thorogood, George Clinton, Steve Miller, James Hunter, Bela Fleck, Janiva Magness, Ruthie Foster, Leo Kottke, Diunna Greenleaf, Randy Newman, Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, Lucky Peterson, Wartermelon Slim, Los Lobos, Sharon Jones, David Maxwell and Ndidi Onukwulu.

July 4 Listen Before You Buy: The cream of the crop of recent jazz and blues releases by Darby Dizzard, Maria Guida, Carl Ludwig Hubsch, Robin McKelle, Andre Minvielle,
Didier Petit, L’Orchestre des Pas Perdus, Alvin Queen, Paul Reddick and Tony Scott.

July 11 The Art of Sax: The art of saxophonists Mike DiRubbo, Herb Harris,
Todd Herbert, Fred Hess, Rocco John, Rob Macgregor, Fraser MacPherson, Boots Randolph
and Saco Yasuma.

July 18 Louis Armstrong in Scandinavia: We sample a four CD box on the Storyville label of Louis Armstrong recorded in Scandinavia between 1933 and 1967.

July 25 88 Date: Pianists Jacques Chanier, Alessandro D’Episcopo, Andy Emler,
Manuel Engel, Roberto Fonseca, Francois Ingold, Robert Irving, Monk’s Music Trio, Lewis Porter and Lenore Raphael.

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