April 03, 2008

PLAYLIST for APRIL 9, 2008

THE JOY OF SAX: Over twenty saxophonists packed into a dozen recent releases. We move progressively from the trio with one sax to the quartet with one sax, to the quartet with two saxes and the saxophone quartet. Followed by the quintet, the septet, the dozen and ending with the fourteen-piece Transatlantic Art Ensemble. A lot of great blowing!

Artist: David Borgo
Album: Initial Conditions
Tune: Off Your Marks
Label: Circumvention

Artist: Jaleel Shaw
Album: Optimism
Tune: Flipside
Label: Changu

Artist: Jane Ira Bloom
Album: Mental Weather
Tune: First Thoughts/This Nearly Was Mine
Label: Outline

Artist: Jane Ira Bloom
Album: Mental Weather
Tune: Electrochemistry
Label: Outline

Artist: Lenny Breau
Album: Cabin Fever
Tune: You Came To Me Out of Nowhere
Label: True North

Artist: John Tchicai [with Paul Hemmings]
Album: Letter From America
Tune: Under A New Mexico Sky
Label: Leading Tone

Artist: Jason Robinson
Album: Fingerprint
Tune: Thin Veil
Label: Circumvention

Artist: Dave Liebman/Mike Murley
Album: Day and Night
Tune: Gnid
Label: Cornerstone

Artist: Sabertooth
Album: Dr. Midnight
Tune: It’s Surely Gonna Flop If It Ain’t Got That Bop
Label: Delmark

Artist: Adnan Marquez-Borbon
Album: The Paradox of Continuity
Tune: EMV 2
Label: Circumvention

Artist: Ari Brown
Album: Live at the Green Mill
Tune: Two Gun V
Label: Delmark

Artist: Francois Theberge/Lee Konitz
Album: Soliloque
Tune: Lips
Label: Effendi

Artist: Keefe Jackson
Album: Just Like This
Tune: Just Like This
Label: Delmark

Artist: Evan Parker Transatlantic Art Ensemble
Album: Boustrophedon
Tune: Furrow Six
Label: ECM


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