February 06, 2009


February 4 Listen Before You Buy: The cream of the crop of recent jazz issues by Leonisa Ardizzone, Rebecca Cline, Chris Davis, David Egan, Carol Fredette,
Larry Gelb, Fred Hess, Barbara King, No Square, Hilary Noble, Organ X,
Marlene VerPlanck and Skip Wilkins.

February 11 The Blue Notes: The British Ogun label has put out an exciting five-CD box of Chris McGregor’s Blue Notes. These CDs start with a concert in Cape Town in 1964, followed by recordings in England from December 1975, April 1977 and August 1987.

February 18 Guitar Special: The differing approaches of guitarists Ken Aldcroft, Chuck Bernstein,Antoine Berthiaume, Harley Card, Rodney Crowell, Marty Grosz,
Ken Hatfield, Michael Higgins, Hot Club de Norvege, Steve Howell, Burr Johnson,
Jon Larsen, Jim McAuley, Mike Peters, Elliott Sharp and Martin Taylor.

February 25 Art Tatum: Storyville Records have issued an eight-CD box containing Art Tatum recordings from 1934 to 1956. We’ll hear Tatum in solo, duo, trio, quartet settings, and with big bands, but mainly in solo performances.

March 4 Listen Before You Buy: Recent jazz releases in a range of styles by the
Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, Matt Criscuolo, Frank Gratkowski, Rocco John,
Saltman Knowles, the Microscopic Seven, Daniel Smith and Mark Sweetman.

March 11 Blues Queens of the ‘Twenties: As our International Women’s Day special, we’ll trace the careers and listen to the recordings of three Blues Queens of the ‘Twenties – Mary Stafford, Victoria Spivey and Edith Wilson.

March 18 Ron Miles: Introducing a contemporary trumpeter from Denver with a very personal style, who has recorded with Ginger Baker, Bill Frisell, Fred Hess and Wayne Horvitz as well as making several recordings as a leader.

March 25 Piano Special: Six superb pianists share the spotlight tonight: Achmin Kaufmann, Livia Minafra, John Stetch, Michael Jefry Stevens, Ross Taggart and Amanda Tosoff; one American, one German, one Italian and three Canadians.

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