February 26, 2009


March 4 Listen Before You Buy: Recent jazz releases in a range of styles by the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, Matt Criscuolo, Frank Gratkowski, Rocco John,
Saltman Knowles, the Microscopic Seven, Daniel Smith and Mark Sweetman.

March 11 Blues Queens of the ‘Twenties: As our International Women’s Day special, we’ll trace the careers and listen to the recordings of three Blues Queens of the ‘Twenties – Mary Stafford, Victoria Spivey and Edith Wilson.

March 18 Ron Miles: Introducing a contemporary trumpeter from Denver with a very personal style, who has recorded with Ginger Baker, Bill Frisell, Fred Hess and Wayne Horvitz as well as making several recordings as a leader.

March 25 Piano Special: Six superb pianists share the spotlight tonight: Achmin Kaufmann, Livia Minafra, John Stetch, Michael Jefry Stevens, Ross Taggart and Amanda Tosoff;one American, one German, one Italian and three Canadians.

April 1 Listen Before You Buy: The cream of the crop of recent jazz and blues releases by Frank Carlberg, Vinny Cutro, Eddie Daniels, Steve Elson, Charles Evans, Roger Kellaway, Colleen McNabb, Tony Monaco, Jaimee Paul, Denise Perrier,
Yank Rachell, Mark Sweetman and Jay Vonada.

April 8 B. C. Scene: Let’s welcome the British Columbia jazz artists who will be appearing in the National Capital Region between April 21 and May 3: Seamus Blake, Bill Coon, Chris Gestrin, Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Hard Rubber Orchestra, Francois Houle, Diana Krall, Brad Turner and Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne.

April 15 Birth of the Cool: April 2009 marks the sixtieth anniversary of one of the influential recording sessions which demonstrated a new approach to arranging and playing jazz. Tonight we’ll play all three recording sessions from 1949 and 1950, and contrast them with the re-creations of these sessions by Gerry Mulligan in 1992

April 22 Stickman: Neil Haverstick, known professionally as Stickman, takes us into the world of micro-tonality. He plays jazz and blues on electric guitars modified to have 19 or 34 equal steps to the octave, which allows greater variety while still preserving most of our common consonant intervals.

April 29 Duke Ellington: The Duke was born 110 years ago today. Ron has chosen a selection of his favourite Ducal recordings.

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