November 19, 2009


INTERNATIONAL GIFT LIST: Some suggestions of seasonal gifts by international jazz and blues artists. We’ll start with two contemporary trumpeters [Terence Blanchard and Dennis Gonzalez] followed by two drummer/bandleaders [Andrew Drury and
Alex Cline] both of whose records coincidentally feature Myra Melford.

Ogun have reissued two LPs by alto saxophonist Elton Dean’s Ninesense, so we’ll sample both of these next. From alto to tenor, the tenor saxophones of Jimmy Heath and James Moody, each recorded last year.

Then we take a nostalgic turn, listening to some gospel piano by Cyrus Chestnut, some slide guitar and vocal from Samuel James, some jug band music from
Maria Muldaur and some vocalese by the Manhattan Transfer. We’ll round out the program with two recordings featuring the string bass; Joelle Leandre in a trio setting and a rare Scott LaFaro discovery from 1961.

We will take a moment to plug two upcoming Ottawa concerts, the first by
Josh Rager, Paul Meyers and John Geggie [November 28 at the NAC Fourth Stage] and the second by the Geoff Lapp Trio [November 29 at the First Unitarian Church].

Artist: Terence Blanchard
Album: Choices
Tune: Him or Me
Label: Concord

Artist: Dennis Gonzalez
Album: A Matter of Blood
Tune: Chant de la Fee
Label: Furthermore

Artist: Andrew Drury
Album: My Fingers Will Be Your Tears
Tune: Interlude
Label: Cadence

Artist: Alex Cline
Album: Continuation
Tune: Clearing Our Streams
Label: Cryptogramophone

Artist: Josh Rager
Album: Time and Again
Tune: Train to Lindau
Label: Effendi

Artist: Geoff Lapp Trio
Album: Stained Glass
Tune: Yo Bro
Label: Elephant

Artist: Elton Dean’s Ninesense
Album: Oh! For the Edge
Tune: Friday Night Blues
Label: Ogun

Artist: Elton Dean’s Ninesense
Album: Happy Daze
Tune: Seven For Lee
Label: Ogun

Artist: Heath Brothers
Album: Endurance
Tune: Two Tees
Label: Jazz Legacy

Artist: James Moody
Album: Moody 4 A
Tune: Stablemates
Label: IPO

Artist: Cyrus Chestnut
Album: Spirit
Tune: Blessed Assurance
Label: Jazz Legacy

Artist: Samuel James
Album: For Rosa, Maeve & Noreen
Tune: Cryin’ Blues
Label: NorthernBlues

Artist: Maria Muldaur
Album: Garden of Joy
Tune: Shout You Cats
Label: Stony Plain

Artist: Maria Muldaur
Album: Garden of Joy
Tune: Garden of Joy
Label: Stony Plain

Artist: Maria Muldaur
Album: Garden of Joy
Tune: I Ain’t Gonna Marry
Label: Stony Plain

Artist: Manhattan Transfer
Album: The Chick Corea Songbook
Tune: Children’s Song #15
Label: Four Quarters

Artist: Manhattan Transfer
Album: The Chick Corea Songbook
Tune: Another Roadside Attraction
Label: Four Quarters

Artist: Leandre/Vidal/Boni
Album: Trace
Tune: Des Prunes
Label: Red Toucan

Artist: Scott La Faro
Album: Pieces of Jade
Tune: Woody ‘N You
Label: Resonance


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