December 05, 2009


DUTCH TREAT: We’ll be playing from twelve recently released European recordings;
the majority [seven] from Holland, plus two from Germany, two from Switzerland,
and one from Italy. Reversing that order, we’ll start with Italy’s Actis Dato’s Quartet on his own label, followed by Baltic guitarist Juozas Milasius, Dutch trumpeter Eric Vloeimans, Swiss piano trio FM Trio, American pianists Lewis Porter and Marc Rossi, Surinam-flavoured Dutch band De Nazaten with guest James Carter, guitarist Pablo Montagne’s quartet, the cello & computer duo who call themselves Abattoir, solo pianist Gianni Lenoci, the exciting partnership of the Dutch group New Nicks with the Dutch Artvark Saxophone Quartet, an empathetic trombone-bass duet between Dutch trombonist Wolter Wierbos and Dutch bassist Wilbert de Joode,
and we’ll end with a lengthy trombone solo by Wolter Wierbos.

Artist: Actis Dato Quartet
Album: World Tour
Tune: Michoacan
Label: Dato [Italian]

Artist: Juozas Milasius
Album: Slow
Tune: Scalpel Sad
Label: Nemu [German]

Artist: Juozas Milasius
Album: Slow
Tune: Pawnshop Accountant
Label: Nemu [German]

Artist: Eric Vloeimans
Album: Live at Yoshi’s
Tune: Fatima
Label: Challenge [German]

Artist: FM Trio
Album: Ligne Libre
Tune: Grains and Dots
Label: Altrisuoni [Swiss]

Artist: Lewis Porter & Marc Rossi
Album: Transformation
Tune: Ezz-thetic
Label: Altrisuoni [Swiss]

Artist: De Nazaten & James Carter
Album: Skratyology
Tune: Skratyology
Label: Strotbrock [Dutch]

Artist: Pablo Montagne Quartet
Album: Chaque Objet
Tune: Funkdom
Label: Evil Rabbit [Dutch]

Artist: Abattoir
Album: Abattoir
Tune: Endless Summer
Label: Evil Rabbit [Dutch]

Artist: Gianni Lenoci
Album: Ephemeral Rhizome
Tune: Afrika Metropolitaine
Label: Evil Rabbit [Dutch]

Artist: New Nicks & Artvark Sax Quartet
Album: Busy Busy Busy
Tune: Dextro
Label: No Can Do [Dutch]

Artist: New Nicks & Artvark Sax Quartet
Album: Busy Busy Busy
Tune: Whosa Mwatana
Label: No Can Do [Dutch]

Artist: Wolter Wierbos & Wilbert de Joode
Album: Deining
Tune: Overstag
Label: Dolfijn [Dutch]

Artist: Wolter Wierbos
Album: 3 Trombone Solos
Tune: Amsterdam
Label: Dolfijn [Dutch]


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