March 09, 2011


Halifax: St.Matthews United Church: Pauline Oliveros May 20.

Quebec City: Samuel Blais Quintet April 1 & 2.

Montreal: Jazz Festival June 25 to July 4.
L’Astral: Geri Allen March 16. Jane Bunnett & Hilario Duran March 18.
Terry Lynn Carrington March 26.
Casa del Popolo:
Casa Obscura:
Chapelle du Bon-Pasteur:
Cheval Blanc:
Diese Onze:
House of Jazz:
La Brique:
Lion D’Or:
O Patro Vys:
Sala Rossa:
Upstairs: Samuel Blais Quintet March 18 & 19.

Kingston: The Mansion: The Bone Ultimatum March 12. The Downtown Quartet March 13. Public Library: Kingston Jazz Composers Collective March 13. Arlene Smith & Mark Eisenman April 10.

Toronto: Arraymusic Space: Toronto Improvisors Orchestra on second Friday of each month.
Babaluu: Julie Michels every Thursday.
The Central: Creative music every Sunday.
Lula Lounge:
Music Gallery:
Old Mill: John Sherwood March 10. Kellylee Evans March 14.
Quotes: Mike Malone & Canadian Jazz Quartet March 11.
Rex: Samuel Blais Quintet March 23 & 24. Mark Adam Quartet April 3.
Somewhere There:
Statlers: Julie Michels every Friday.
Trane Studio:
Tranzac: Monk’s Music on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. Lina Allemano Four on 2nd Sunday of each month.

Guelph: Jane Bunnett @ Guelph University March 10.

N.Y.C. Cornelia Street Café:
Downtown Music Gallery: In-store concerts every Sunday @ 6:00pm.
Local 269: Jazz concerts every Monday.
Music in Gardens on Sundays:
The Stone:
Small’s: Dmitry Baevsky Quartet April 1.
Dizzy’s @ Lincoln Centre: Dmitry Baevsky Quartet April 5-9.