August 04, 2011

PLAYLIST for AUGUST 10, 2011

GUELPH JAZZ FESTIVAL: An A – to - Z introduction to sixteen of the artists who will be appearing at the Guelph Jazz Festival between September 7 and September 11, 2011.

Artist: Josh Abrams
Album: Cipher
Tune: Calamaties Break
Label: Delmark

Artist: Aperture Trio
Album: Sculpin
Tune: Dog Day Evening Stories
Label: Undercurrent Recordings

Artist: Jane Bunnett & Descendann
Album: Cuban Odyssey
Tune: Nan Fonn Bwaa
Label: EMI

Artist: Christine Duncan
Album: The Element Choir at Rosedale United
Tune: Closed Hands
Label: Barnyard

Artist: Mike Essoudry’s Mash Potato Mashers
Album: Mike Essoudry’s Mash Potato Mashers
Tune: Lucky
Label: Essoudry

Artist: Mike Essoudry’s Mash Potato Mashers
Album: Mike Essoudry’s Mash Potato Mashers
Tune: Serpentine
Label: Essoudry

Artist: Gerry Hemingway Quartet
Album: The Whimbler
Tune: Spektiv
Label: Clean Feed

Artist: Francois Houle
Album: Aerials
Tune: Civitella
Label: Drip Audio

Artist: David Mott
Album: The Sky Ringing In An Empty Bell
Tune: Tiger Running….Nearer Breathing
Label: Mott

Artist: William Parker
Album: At Somewhere There
Tune: For Don Cherry
Label: Barnyard

Artist: Paul Plimley
Album: Everything In Stages
Tune: Parachute Four
Label: Songlines

Artist: The Rent
Album: Musique de Steve Lacy
Tune: The Bath
Label: Ambiances Magnetiques

Artist: Jesse Stewart
Album: Music For Found Objects
Tune: Junctures
Label: C3R

Artist: Marianne Trudel Septet
Album: Espoir et Autres Pouvoirs
Tune: Ensemble
Label: Effendi

Artist: Trevor Watts & The Celebration Band
Album: Trevor Watts & The Celebration Band
Tune: Tar [Ta]
Label: ARC

Artist: Veryan Weston with Phil Minton Quartet
Album: Mouthfull Of Ecstacy
Tune: Winkiland
Label: Victo

Artist: Henry Threadgill’s ZOOID
Album: Up Popped The Two Lips
Tune: Calm Down
Label: Pi

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