November 17, 2011



Artist: Bix Beiderbecke
Album: The Bix Beiderbecke Story
Tune: Changes
Label: Proper

Artist: McKinney’s Cotton Pickers
Album: McKinney’s Cotton Pickers 1926-1929
Tune: Tight Like That

Artist: Hudson-LeLange Orchestra
Album: The Sophisticated Swing of Hudson-DeLange
Tune: I’ll Never Tell You, I Love You
Label: Bandstand Records

Artist: Midge Williams
Album: Midge Williams 1937-1938
Tune: Singin’ The Blues (Till My Daddy Comes Home)

Artist: Duke Ellington
Album: Magenta Haze
Tune: Sultry Sunset
Label: Membran

Artist: Wardell Gray
Album: Easy Swing
Tune: One For Prez
Label: Swingtime

Artist: Warne Marsh
Album: Live In Hollywood
Tune: All the Things You Are
Label: Xanadu

Artist: Art Blakey
Album: The Jazz Messengers At the Café Bohemia vol.2
Tune: Hank’s Symphony
Label: Blue Note

Artist: Art Farmer
Album: Farmer’s Market
Tune: Walkin’ With Hank
Label: Prestige

Artist: Bennie Green
Album: Minor Revelation
Tune: Bye Bye Blackbird
Label: Blue Note

Artist: John Coltrane
Album: Meditations
Tune: Serenity
Label: Impulse!

Artist: Horace Silver
Album: The Jody Grind
Tune: The Jody Grind
Label: Blue Note

Artist: Ivan Boogaloo Joe Jones
Album: No Way!
Tune: Georgia On My Mind
Label: Prestige

Artist: White Orange
Album: White Orange
Tune: Bistro
Label: Capria

Artist: Dannie Richmond
Album: Ode to Mingus
Tune: If You Could See Me Now
Label: Soulnote

Artist: Billy Bang
Album: Live at Carlos I
Tune: Rainbow Gladiator
Label: Black Saint

Artist: Marty Cook Group
Album: Red, White, Black & Blue
Tune: Face the Nation
Label: Tutu

Artist: Junior Cook
Album: The Place To Be
Tune: Cedar’s Blues
Label: Steeplechase

Artist: Christian Escoude
Album: Cookin’ At Hell’s Kitchen
Title: Fly Us To The Sky
Label: Gitanes

Artist: Kenny Werner
Album: Beat Degeneration vol.2
Tune: Beat Degeneration
Label: Sunnyside

Artist: Roberto Ottaviano
Album: Live In Israel
Tune: Evidence
Label: Soulnote

Artist: Vijay Iyer
Album: Reimagining
Tune: Imagine
Label: Savoy Jazz

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