January 25, 2012


Bistro Araucaria:
L’Astral: Al Di Meola February 23&24.
Casa del Popolo: Canada Day March 4.
Casa Obscura:
L’Envers:Orchestra of Sympathetic Strings
January 27. Craig Pedersen Quartet January 28
Maison du Jazz:
Sala Rossa:
Diese Onze:
Upstairs: Marianne Trudel Quartet January 27&28. Bill Mahar/Jennifer Bell Quintet January 29.
Chet & Jim Doxas January 30.
Stephen Johnston Quintet February 9.
Dorothee Berryman February 10 & 11.

Arraymusic: Toronto Improvisors Orchestra on last Friday of each month.
Cosmo Music: Allan Holdsworth March 27.
Hugh’s Room:
Koerner Hall:Mavis Staples January 29.
Brad Mehldau & Joshua Redman April 14.
Old Mill: Georgia Ambros February 3.
Adrean Farrugia February 4.
John Sherwood February 9, 16, 23.
Brian O’Kane February 11.
Sophia Perlman February 17.
Ross Woolridge February 18. Ron Davis February 25.
Quotes: Canadian Jazz Quartet with:
Andy Ballantyne January 27;Alastair Kay February 3;
Bob Brough February 10;
Denny Christianson February 17.
Rex: Mark Eisenman Quartet January 26.
Jive Bombers January 27. Bob Brough Quartet February 25.
Somewhere There: Ken Aldcroft & Scott Thomson January 27. Ali Berkok January 28.
Ancient Egypt January 29. Steve Ward January 30. Tena Palmer & Heather Segger January 31.
Tranzac: Allan Holdsworth March 27.
Monk’s Music on the 1st and 3rd Sunday.
Lina Allemano Four on 2nd Sunday of each month.

Blue Note: Monty Alexander February 20-March 4. James Moody Celebration March 26.
Clemente Soto Velez: Avant-garde jazz every Monday. Daniel Carter, Ken Silverman January 30.
Cornelia Street Café: John Irabagon Trio January27. Jane Ira Bloom January 29.
Dizzy’s Coca Cola:
Downtown Music Gallery: In-store concerts every Sunday @ 6:00pm.
Iridium: Allan Holdsworth March 15, 16, 17.
Jazz Gallery: Myra Melford & Ron Miles February 25.
Manhattan School of Music: Stan Kenton Centennial Concert January 27.
Small’s: Roberta Piket Trio February 6.
Sofia’s Restaurant:
Webster Hall: Souljazz Orchestra February 18.
Music in Gardens on Sundays: Info@visionfestival.org.

CHICAGO: Dearborn Station: Chicago Jazz Showcase January 26-29.

Essence Festival with Aretha Franklin July 6-8.