August 06, 2009

PLAYLIST for AUGUST 12, 2009

GUELPH JAZZ FESTIVAL: An introduction to the artists who will be appearing at this intimate and innovative jazz festival between September 9 and September 13.
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And plugs for Mumbo Jumbo’s CD release party on Friday August 14 at Tucson’s and for the Impressions in Jazz Orchestra lunchtime concerts at the MacKenzie King Estate on August 15 & 16.

Artist: Joelle Leandre
Album: C’Est Ca
Tune: C’Est Ca # 2
Label: Red Toucan

Artist: Jean Derome Dangereux Zhoms + 7
Album: Plates-formes et Traquenards
Tune: La Derive des Continents
Label: Victo

Artist: Jean Derome Dangereux Zhoms + 7
Album: Plates-formes et Traquenards
Tune: La Proie pour L’Ombre
Label: Victo

Artist: Marilyn Crispell
Album: Odyssey
Tune: Spike
Label: Intakt

Artist: Fred Anderson
Album: On the Run
Tune: Ladies in Love
Label: Delmark

Artist: Woodchoppers Association
Album: Phantomopthera
Tune: Prelude in the Woods
Label: DROG

Artist: Impressions in Jazz Orchestra
Album: Sampler
Tune: Avalon
Label: IJO

Artist: Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo
Album: Mardi Gras Dans la Boite
Tune: I’m Your Witchdoctor
Label: Maboose Muse

Artist: Joelle Leandre
Album: No Comment
Tune: No Comment #6
Label: Red Toucan

Artist: Jane Bunnett
Album: New York Duets
Tune: Bye-ya
Label: EMI

Artist: Michael Occhipinti
Album: Surrealist Blues
Tune: So the Story Goes
Label: True North

Artist: Geggie Project
Album: Geggie Project
Tune: I Wanted More
Label: Ambiances Magnetiques

Artist: Evidence
Album: Live a la Casa
Tune: Sixteen
Label: Ambiances Magnetiques

Artist: Shuffle Demons
Album: Greatest Hits
Tune: The Shuffle Monster
Label: Stubby

Artist: David Buchbinder
Album: Odessa/Havana
Tune: Next One Rising
Label: Tzadik

Artist: World Saxophone Quartet
Album: Political Blues
Tune: Let’s Have Some Fun
Label: JustinTime

Artist: Kevin Breit/Jesse Stewart
Album: Collisions
Tune: Hunky and Dory
Label: C3R

Artist: David Murray
Album: 3D Family
Tune: In Memory of Yomo Kenyatta
Label: Hat Hut


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